Goldpollen is commissioned to undertake strategy and leadership work in a variety of ways often by the CEO of the business, Group CEOs for a portfolio business, Boards or Investors. Each requirement is unique and our approach is fine tuned to tailor the project to individual needs.

We are always keen to talk and explore with you the challenges and questions you face then designing the best approach for you to achieve the outcomes you want.

Examples of what we do include:

Impact strategy development

  • Full strategic review
  • Business deep dive
  • Due diligence
  • Explore product/market fit opportunities
  • New business and product launch or relaunch

Impact leadership development

Create a people evolution revolution.

We act as a business and leadership mentor, coach and advisor for CEOs and senior business leaders, helping people connect their personal motivation and purpose to the leadership of the business vision. We believe in harnessing and maximising strengths and that leadership ability can be developed and grown.

Ours is a unique combination of coaching blended with teaching principles and theory and advising in practical hands on ways as real world experiences unfold.

A typical pot of gold - business review project

The business launched five years earlier operating within a larger parent group. It has branched out into offering multiple product lines to a range of customer types. The macro market environment had also evolved. There was no defined path to profit and lack of clear visibility at the parent of the nature of the value being created both for customers and the group itself with concerns over sustainability of income.

We were appointed to undertake a Goldpollen Strategic Review.

During our process we looked at current business and market context including

  • Who are our customers and how do we serve them?
  • How does the business operate? What are the key processes?
  • What income streams do we have and what are their characteristics?
  • How does the current proposition resonate with customers, what do they need?
  • Sources of income/funding might be relevant for the company

The result

  • A fresh and focussed clarity of purpose and proposition for the business.
  • A strategy that aligns product streams, diversifies income and increases value to customers and the group.
  • Work streams to enhance operational performance and build foundations for future growth.
  • A new organisation structure including internal promotions.
  • Renewed energy within the business and the wider group.

“Linda is one of those naturally smart thinkers who is truly adept at spotting the opportunity for a business to grow, but equally as important, knowing what is required to make that a reality.”

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Who we’ve worked with

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What they say about us

  • “Linda uses her background to full effect in leading mature consumer focused debate in developing commercial, media, or business strategy. She is also brave, in that she is not afraid to lead transformational strategies requiring new thinking or structures. Never afraid to give an opinion, she is nonetheless a thoughtful and supportive colleague with a collaborative and team-aware approach.”

  • “Linda is one of those naturally smart thinkers who is truly adept at spotting the opportunity for a business to grow, but equally as important, knowing what is required to make that a reality.

    She is also not afraid to challenge the status quo and will neatly tie together different functions or indeed organisations to ensure a more rounded, involved approach to strategic problem solving. 

    Unlike many leaders, what Linda demonstrates in visionary thinking is equally matched in her ability to deliver - in particular through her focus on people. Whether that’s better understanding the needs and desires of customers or indeed tackling the cultural and motivational impact of future direction on employees, Linda’s focus and expertise in this area always delivers fresh and innovative angles for businesses to pursue.”

  • “Linda has been an irreplaceable advisor on a number of strategic business challenges over the years; particularly on market positioning, investment management, culture transformation, growth as well as board level/shareholder relationship management and engagement.

    Linda is brilliantly honest, direct, balanced and commercial; an authentic listener with a pragmatic mindset. I always get value from her and the business because the advice and guidance comes from the years of experience as a senior executive but with a style that creates impact. A formidable business woman with a strong set of values combined with an astute “delivery oriented” business brain.

    Trust, integrity and commercial acumen are three of the key attributes I look for in partnering with anyone helping my business ventures: Linda is without doubt someone companies and individuals should gravitate towards and work with. ”

  • “Linda is an inspirational leader, marketer and executive. Not only have I benefited personally from Linda's very wise counsel but so has our business. If it is strategic business advice, one to one mentoring or providing inspiration to your team and rising stars, I cannot recommend Linda highly enough to you.”

  • “We engaged Goldpollen to research the marketing services appetite and business requirement for machine learning technology, prior to its adoption by industry.

    The Goldpollen methodology, including contacts at a senior level, enabled a swift and clear conclusion to the research. The research made a valuable contribution towards determining our go-to-market strategy.”