Our purpose


Be a potent catalyst for organisations to be clear, confident and committed to realising their vision and mission, staying true to their North Star.


We are here to help CEOs and business leaders drive a sea-change in themselves, their organisation and their people becoming truly clear on their vision with a compelling plan for how to make their vision a reality.

We want to support today’s contemporary leaders to build the company they actually want to build by discovering attractive growth opportunities found in adding positive value to customers lives, society and the wider world. Acting as a catalyst to help bring clarity of focus, igniting inner belief and conviction, fully aligning everyone behind the mission and so enhancing business performance and delivery.

Having a purpose led strategy will deliver positive results for your organisation as it mobilises stakeholders to be focused on the mission and that mission is focused on a clear market opportunity.

Our vision

A powerful force for positive business change.

In nature, bees collect pollen to make honey to feed themselves, they work together as part of a colony for the common goal. The act of pollination is a crucial part of the earth’s ecosystem, helping to pollinate flowers and crops.

Our world is better for having bees make honey.

Companies are in business to grow and make money and great business leaders see the growth potential in their people working together, cross pollinating ideas, skills and knowledge from across their organisation towards a common purpose led goal.

Our world can be better for having businesses make money.

“79% of business leaders surveyed by PwC believe that an organisation’s purpose is central to business success yet 68% shared that purpose is not used as a guide post in leadership decision making process within their organisation.”

“Employees who have a strong connection to the purpose of their organisations are five times more likely to stay.”

Forbes Sept 2018

We all have a part to play in creating a positive business ecosystem.


By changing habits we evolve.


To change habits we needs companies to create, market, and sell new options.


Companies need to build brands that imbue products with meaning, leading the shift in customer perspectives, not only responding.


Companies need leaders who have the vision and drive to lead their organisations to build positive impact businesses that deliver significant commercial upside.


Companies need investors who believe and support that mission and strategy, realising the opportunity for substantial returns.


For investors to believe leaders need to know and compellingly communicate their vision, have a clear plan and an aligned organisation of people behind them fully committed to delivering the mission.

Our purpose is to be a potent catalyst for organisations to be clear, confident and committed to realising their vision and mission, staying true to their North Star.