Our approach is to fully immerse ourselves in your business world, committing dedicated time and focus to engage with and listen to a broad range of people who have a relationship with your company.

To work in the business rather than on the business working collaboratively with the team rather than on the team.

Cross pollination

We believe in the power of diversity of thought and that a wide array of insights, ideas and perspectives gathered from across your organisation combined with deep customer understanding and analysis delivers the strategic edge.

Through our process we fire up awareness and innovation ensuring stretching, distinctive credible strategic plans are produced.

Involving and engaging your people in the strategy development not only delivers enhanced technical business results, but simultaneously increases clarity of understanding and personal motivation, attaching greater meaning, ownership and commitment to delivery.

How we do it

  • Goldpollen investigates
  • Goldpollen choices
  • Goldpollen clarity
  • Goldpollen leads
  • Goldpollen inspires

The Goldpollen process explained

Goldpollen investigates

Extensive review and analysis of existing material and data. 360o depth interviews with all relevant stakeholders. Identification of key themes, knowledge gaps and areas for detailed further analysis. Internal talent and resources are mobilised throughout this phase.

Goldpollen choices

Taking an objective top down systematic approach we distil the knowledge and insights, identifying a shortlist of potential routes for the business.

Goldpollen clarity

Fully refine and capture the vision and detailed strategic plan document of the chosen option. Create a visually engaging support presentation that brings the vision and plan to life in a clear, compelling and inspiring way.

Goldpollen leads

We stay involved working with the business leader and team supporting the delivery and execution of the plan. We act as a catalyst for people in the business to drive towards the vision and deliver the strategy we serve as a performance enhancer and growth facilitator.

Goldpollen inspires

Connecting people with their personal motivation to lead, contribute, grow and deliver. Showcasing and curating businesses and people who lead with purpose, cross pollinating ideas and approaches to bring new perspectives and igniting innovation and a cultural shift.