Customer focused, commercial and collaborative Linda loves working with CEOs individually and with their teams to formulate strategy, create alignment and positively impact organisational culture in support of delivering the vision.

In executive leadership roles Linda developed and led multiple transformational growth strategies for major media groups. At dmg Media, Metro Newspaper and Capital Radio Group she influenced, set and led strategies that resulted in significant success.

In contrast to many management consultants and leadership development advisors, Linda brings a wealth of real world at the coal face experience to bear.

She has decades of leadership experience building expertise from running large scale teams and media companies, transforming them to deliver growth in new, often digital ways, through innovative thinking, research, data analysis, customer centric approaches, strategic intent, and evolving organisational culture.

In addition to Linda’s business leadership strategy work she is an experienced Chair, Non-Executive Director and speaker with specific portfolio experience across media and technology, property, marketing services, eCommerce and SME finance.

“Linda is an inspirational leader, marketer and executive. Not only have I benefited personally from Linda's very wise counsel but so has our business. If it is strategic business advice, one to one mentoring or providing inspiration to your team and rising stars, I cannot recommend Linda highly enough.”

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Linda is approachable and down to earth bringing energy, enthusiasm and a relaxed sense of humour to working with you and your team. Learn more about the experience of working with Goldpollen including what we do, how we do it and who we do it for.

Giving back

We are proud to be supporting Bees & Co the worlds first certified Carbon Neutral honey farm on the Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire border, which works with business to support their efforts to reverse the decline of the honey bee in Britain.

We are really excited about this new partnership as the honey bee was the inspiration behind our brand. When we were figuring out how to communicate clearly our own purpose we felt that bees did it best!

Bees have to be nature’s way of showing us that just by doing what you do best can make the world a better place. As bees go about the business of making honey, they make our world a better place through pollination of our plants and crops and the added bonus of beautiful sweet honey which we all enjoy.

Bees & Co have committed to install 250 new beehives over the next five years and, partnering with land owners, to sow 250 acres of organic, bee-friendly flower seeds on unused land, enhancing the environment visually whilst improving biodiversity and providing vital food sources for pollinators.

Follow them on @BeesforBusiness