We are very excited about our new partnership as the honey bee was the inspiration behind our brand. When we were figuring out how to communicate clearly our own purpose we felt that bees did it best.

Bees have to be nature’s way of showing us that just by doing what you do best can make the world a better place. As bees go about the business of making honey they make our world a better place through pollination of our plants and crops and the added bonus of beautiful sweet honey which we all enjoy.

Bees & Co have committed to install 250 new beehives over the next 5 years and, partnering with land owners, to sow 250 acres of organic, bee-friendly flower seeds on unused land, enhancing the environment visually whilst improving biodiversity and providing vital food sources for pollinators.

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You could say we came across Bees & Co via corporate word of mouth, Sophie Allport, another brand we love, had sent update of what they were doing with Bee’s & Co. and we couldn’t believe our luck. What a perfect example of a business having a positive impact on our world whilst excelling commercially.

They are literally making money whilst making honey!

So as Goldpollen we sponsor a hive and not only do we get our own honey, (Goldpollen branded of course) but lots of beautiful images and updates of our hive and bees going about their business which we look forward to sharing with you over the next weeks and months.

In turn Bees & Co are also paired with their own good causes from Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, to Bees for Development and each jar sold a donation is made.

So by doing business with other businesses that have a positive purpose led approach great momentum can be created and the positive impact we have on the world multiplies!

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