Today’s CEO needs a reason to lead

We believe companies are significantly more successful where CEOs focus on performance delivery through purpose led strategies. It’s not a case of choosing between profit or purpose as a priority; they are not mutually exclusive, they are reliant on one another for sustainable growth.

For CEOs who seek sustainable, organic growth and want to make a thumbprint on the world, a purpose led strategy is the secret weapon to delivering powerful results for your organisation.

An outside perspective from inside your team

We develop a clear vision and strategy for your business to deliver commercial growth working from within your team deploying the best from your internal talent and resources. We work in the business firing up innovation to produce stretching, credible strategic plans that are co-created, enhancing ownership and understanding from those who ultimately deliver.

Leadership and strategy by those who have led

Our methodology to successfully unlocking sustainable business growth establishes clarity of focus which ignites inner belief and conviction, fully aligning your team and stakeholders behind the mission. Our founder Linda Grant brings a wealth of real world experience to bear from decades of leadership experience running large scale teams and businesses.

Clear deliverables with purpose

A meaningful vision and strategy when clearly captured in a written plan and supported with an engaging visual story creates powerful impetus for your entire business to transform and act as one. Empowering new thinking, insights, ideas, and initiatives it will sustainably drive performance all within the protective guide rails of a clear strategic focus.

“We engaged Goldpollen to research the marketing services appetite and business requirement for machine learning technology, prior to its adoption by industry.

The Goldpollen methodology, including contacts at a senior level, enabled a swift and clear conclusion to the research. The research made a valuable contribution towards determining our go-to-market strategy.”

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Linda Grant

Customer focused, commercial and collaborative, Linda loves working with CEOs and their teams. She brings a wealth of real world strategic leadership experience to her consulting approach, built from decades of running large scale teams and businesses.


Our Purpose

We are motivated by a strong sense of purpose at Goldpollen. Our absolute aim is to be a potent catalyst for organisations to be clear, confident and committed to realising their vision and mission, staying true to their North Star.



We believe in the power of diversity of thought and that gathering and sharing a wide array of insights, ideas and perspectives brings powerful cross pollination with the potential to create magical new approaches.